It may not feel like it at this moment, but the Fall season will be shortly upon us.  In order to ensure that your home is able to withstand anything the Fall weather may bring, below is a list of easy tasks that you can do to ensure that your home is in good shape for the upcoming weather changes.

  1. Take Charge – Test your smoke and CO detectors and replace the batteries. Test all detectors for proper operation – a How-To video is available here (!
  2. Control Yourselves – check your plumbing shut-off valves to ensure that they are working properly. Also check your electrical outlets and small appliances in the home to ensure proper operation, and take immediate steps to report or repair any outlets that seem loose or unsafe.  Do not use appliances with loose or frayed wires.
  3. Filter Out the Gunk – Clean and replace the filters for your heating and cooling systems. By changing filters regularly, you can enjoy cleaner and more efficient air ventilation in your home.
  4. Keep It Dry – Cleaning your lint trap after every dryer load goes without saying, but now is also the time to cleaner your dryer duct, secondary booster fan and the area under your dryer. Your Property Manager may arrange for an annual dryer duct cleaning from the common area, but you can also do your part to minimize static electricity in your home (it’s a fire hazard).
  5. Seal It – Accidents happen, we know. Consider sealing your countertop and backsplashes to preserve the look and avoid damage or discoloration.  Always use a suitable sealant and follow instructions carefully.  If you need a demo, check out our How-To video (

As always, homeowners can sign up for monthly maintenance emails from your Online Homeowner Portal ( to keep your home in optimal condition for years to come.