Silver Asks the Age Old Question: Is Everything Italian Sexy?

Mar 12, 2012

We’d have to say no, but the Armony Cucine kitchens at Silver sure are. Without actually touching them (which you‘ll be able to do once we open our presentation centre) here’s a list of why they’re just so darn appealing.

Made in Italy

Like we said, sexy. Right? Imported European innovation, quality engineering, precision and attention to detail. The Santarossa Group and Armony Cucine are the largest kitchen supplier under single ownership in Italy.

Provenance and History

Going back nearly 50 years, The Sanatrossa Group is family owned with the Armony Cucine Group, a division, run by the second son. They are dedicated to meeting the changing needs of modern kitchens using a balance between technology, machinery and hand craftsmanship.

Environmentally Sensitive

Laminated E1 (commonly called Eco-wood or Green wood) doors and cabinets use less timber to produce a kitchen. Much of the kitchen comes from recycled/reused materials. E1 board has one of the lowest formaldehyde ratings in the world which has earned Armony Cucine a reputation as a leader in the development and manufacture of environmentally responsible kitchens.

Durable Material

Exterior finishes are made of technologically advanced European textured wood laminate and high gloss lacquer – easy to maintain, never fades, and will last a very long time.

Suppression Closing System

German-engineered Blum® system slows the momentum of closing doors and drawers, ensuring a soft and gentle stop.

Unique Interiors

All cabinet boxes are made of quality material with water and heat resistant PVC edges. Interiors are grey not white so that scratches and marks don’t show.

Aluminum Lined Sink Cabinets

Aluminum lining in all kitchen and bathroom sink cabinets prevents damage from moisture and chemicals.

Heavy-duty Shelves

Cabinetry shelving is 19mm thick rather than the typical 16mm.

Optional Internal Accessory Upgrade

Available internal fittings from Armony’s award winning collection help organization.

Ample Storage

Full-depth drawer’s means there is lots of room for pots and pans.



Want to see these sexy Italian kitchens? Then register at so you can be among the first to see, touch and experience them. We know you’ll like them.

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  1. Can’t wait to see it. Please update me. Thanks.

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